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The ZOÉ LU color therapy for your Happy Spring!

A very special Tender Loving & Caring color palette conquers the runways as well as your ZOÉ LU collection this spring. Totally trending: the bright colors coral, lilac, green, yellow, white, light gray, mint. Light please. Even black, the basic color of our looks, temporarily takes a back seat to beige. Just take a look at the mega success of Kim K's shapewear brand.

Anyway, this year's fashion is telling us to enjoy life. Whether it's the pastel tones or a light gray, an 80-watt-neutral that makes everything shine, ZOÉ LU loves the soft, friendly new colors.

Mint green

This tone signals laid-backness. Where hope is apparently green, its pastel variant is optimistic, with a loud "yes" to all the beautiful things that life has in store for you this spring. It is the other clean & chic color of the season that doesn't need to feel inferior compared to white. Imagine a total mint look, from flare jeans to a ZOÉ LU flap to a fluffy sweater. Wow, this woman is the new confident. This color gives you Be Kind power radiance!

mon mac auf best buddy schwarz


The official color of the year in all its variations, derived from the Pantone shade "Very Peri", a flattering violet that looks like it's been enriched with a shot of whole milk. The color of spirituality, meditation and your newly acquired wisdom (you know what we mean: the gigaglobal breakdown the other day). With this color, you are sure to do what is necessary to give yourself an extra shot of optimism. It looks brilliant on you from head to toe and over the ZOÉ LU shoulder, it even makes your hair shine.


Forget your weather app, you have yellow now. Try this: It’s 13 degrees outside and you change from your dark blue blazer into the yellow one. Feels 3 degrees warmer, doesn’t it? Remember, your styling is a form of politeness. You want to be nice to yourself and make a good impression? Make life more beautiful, choose a rich shade of yellow. Make people notice you without going for the red attention button. Yellow is one of the most creative colors of the season. With green, lilac, light gray, with jeans, as a ruffled blouse, people will thank you, Sunshine.


This bright tone with a pinch of orange and red conveys a message that puts it at the top of our victory stand this year. This spring, coral is the other color expressing your love for nature, directly related to the reefs. If you’re wondering if this is a bit over top, try coral with rich green. That kind of harmony is what we mean, a statement in itself. That being said, coral has an irresistible upper chic. Charming and classy, perfect for your spring break on the Amalfi Coast. Combine it with lilac, for example.

kind fancy auf best buddy schwarz

They love white, light grey, green…

As you know, white has that spring/summer happiness hormone. Always the right choice, like cream on top of the sorbet colors above. Light gray is a great alternative, the new neutral that allows these tones and also strong colors like neon or primary colors to shine on the stage that is your life now. Shades of green are literally the natural base for all your stylings. No question, it goes with everything. Imagine: soon again, you'll happily lie down on a green meadow and blink. Whether you are in yellow, red, lilac, coral or white: it fits. It is even a perfect moment!