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Styling tips for every body type

The perfect Match

Hello Sunshine, did you miss our Instagram Live workshop The perfect look for all figure types with our favorite stylist Olesya Schuler 2 weeks ago? Many in the ZOE LU community requested it, so here’s a little recap.

Our styling of endless possibilities knows 3 shoulder strap lengths and 3 buddy sizes by now, which are mega for emphasizing the most beautiful parts of all body shapes. Combined with your outfit, there‘s so much you can do. This is not “cheating” for us, we love how diverse femininity is and think all women are beautiful!

Styling science knows 5 figure shapes. Here are Olesya's professional tips.

1. Body type A

Also called pear shaped. You have a small bust and curvy hips? Objective: Draw the focus to the upper body and emphasize your shoulders.

The fashion-styling abracadabra

Choose eye-catching tops that emphasize your cleavage and shoulders. Scoop or carmen neckline, shoulder pad pieces with a sculpturing effect, wear chains as an eyecatcher. Matching pants should be straight, wide or loose. Skirts knee length or to mid-calf. The A-line, as the name suggests, is made for you!

ZOE LU Perfect Match

Mini me on the short strap for perfecting the focus on the upper body or the Fringed Day Buddy as a perfect partner in crime.

Day Buddy: Große Lederhandtasche in blau mit Fransen  

2. Body type X 

Bust and hips are about the same and your waist circumference is at least 18 cm smaller. Mission: showcase it.

The fashion-styling abracadabra

The strategy: Trace your silhouette by emphasizing your waist and cleavage. Choose tops that focus on the waist: Trapeze heart, waterfall or V-necks are calling. So do wrap pieces, corsages and short, waist-length jackets. For pants and skirts, showcase your body perfectly with anything that has a high waist.

ZOE LU Perfect Match 

This choreography will be irresistible with a Mini Me on a long shoulder strap.

3. Body type H 

Bust, waist and hips are almost the same. The perfect base to trace curves.

The fashion-styling abracadabra

This means: Create a waist with jackets and blazers, wear dresses that draw the focus to the neckline and legs, creating vertical lines. Flowing Dresses and tops that don’t emphasize the waist are perfect, like shirt blouses and playful details with ruffles and gathers. Trench coats or slim jackets are great. Skinny pants or straight cuts as well as pleated and patterned skirts are designed for you.

ZOE LU Perfect Match

Showcase your waist perfectly with a BEST BUDDY on a long strap.

4. Body type V

You have athletic shoulders that stand out in comparison with your waist and hips? Add volume around your waist.

The fashion-styling abracadabra

Strategy: Accentuate the lower body to put it in perspective and redirect the focus from your shoulders. A deep V collar is perfect for the V-type, as are open shirt collars. Slip dresses with straps are perfect for you as well as all wide pants: bootcut, palazzo or at least a straight cut. Wear skirts flared or long.

ZOE LU Perfect Match

Big bags like our CARRY ALL shoppers are perfect for the catwalk of your life.

Großer Shopper in schwarz und neon-orange

5. Body type O

AKA apple shape because you have curves like Eve’s favorite fruit.

The fashion-styling abracadabra

Olesya’s styling tips: Focus on cleavage and legs. Stretch your midsection with vertical lines. Choose flowing tops and dresses without a strong waistline. Large necklines, V-necks, tunics, soft empire cuts, anything with a wrap look. Gently accentuate your shoulders and think skinny or straight-leg pants. Skirt length match: 7/8, knee length or shorter. Which are your favorites?

ZOE LU Perfect Match
A BEST BUDDY with a vertically worn strap would love to go out with you.