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Think big: big bag edition

The thing with summer bliss: think big, think big bag!

Let’s be real, sunshine. Talking of summer days is a total understatement. Actually, a whole new half day is waiting for you after the office. After all, it's light until ten or half past ten. Compare that with winter, when our lives are planned like an Excel list. Item one: Don't forget your gloves. But we’d rather talk about what's in store for us now. We’re going to need a big bag for all the great bonus surprises waiting for us. 

carry all orange

Summer in the City

Who knows in the morning if a sleep over at your bestie's or some guy's house will happen later on. Even if the day starts with the subway, you should never forget that it's going to be nice and loooong. Pack your bathing suit in the Day never know. Or take your favorite heatwave dress with you. Luminous days like these have hidden extra talents. Also, we suspect you like to volunteer for supermarket duty with the Carry All. Bae always buys the greasy winter stuff. Let the basil dangle out and enjoy the moment. But you can also celebrate the 'We love Summer' basic course with the little ones and this shopper. "You know what, dinner's in the park tonight. Don't forget the badminton set and go".

Summer in the Countryside

Chic up, extra magic events also happen in your small town or the picturesque village you’re spending your holidays at. Two options: Try to reconnect with the best memories of your childhood, little farm romanticism. How we loved going back to the quarry pond for a moonlight dip. So wonderful when we picked blueberries. Celebrate the unexpected, pack the Day Buddy for your exciting days. Mantra: All over the world summer festivals happen among bales of hay. You are the influencer in the corner! Option 2: Even if it's not Provence, warm days here charm with their special sensuality. Bike to the market with the Carry All, we need a baguette for the barbecue.

carry all schwarz weiß

Summer on the Beach

It's time – hooray, holi-holiday! Tell us what’s in your Carry All and we'll tell you which beach girl you are, Sunshine. Do you always take the full range of sunscreen factors? You’re set on optimizing your regeneration. A magazine mix including deco and gossip? Let it go, it was high time for a well-deserved vacation. Travel games and snacks for the little ones? You're perfect, but you don't have to be! Swim fins sticking out of the top of the shopper like the baguette from above? Okay, that was our plan, too. Really sporty. Well, but now we’ll just press snooze again.