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13 x Holiday Happy Stuff

Yeah, those little holiday moments and things that make us instantly happy. Here's Team ZOÉ LU’s subjective list for you. Are your happy moments included?

1. When your suitcase nabs bronze on the conveyor belt at the airport, i.e. it is not the very last arriving after endless 30 minutes, but comes out in the top 3. A good omen, right?

2. Your hip showing the first pale tan line of your bikini bottoms. When that tan is finally happening – yes, yes, with LSF 50! – then we finally start to like ourselves again, just like we deserve.

Spaghetti Vongole

3. A picknick on the mountain top or other local adventures waiting for you. Lush green meadows, special hideaways just around the corner will make you happy for a long time.

4. The smell of fish and calamari à la plancha. Think that‘s space? Just as high on our ranking list as the smell of our favourite sunscreen. 

5. Dozing off on the beach, by the pool or in the grass at the height of siesta time with your favorite novel on your nose, then start reading again ... repeat 4 times at least! 

6. Buy a souvenir on holiday and style it your way. Like a "Cap Ferret" or "Newquay" hoodie that we cut off the waistband and put on some stickers, or a Bavarian cowbell that looks cute as a lucky charm on your ZOÉ LU for a while.

Rising Star & Freaky Happy

7. Make new friends. Travelling with big clans can be stressful TBH – I want to kayak, I want vegan, I want to be alone for a bit. Meeting people who just share all the extra bliss is a delight, even if we can’t always keep the promise to meet again.

8. A great body oil after your evening shower. We love French monoï with tiare flowers from Tahiti. Yummy! We just wanted to mention that because some Hollywood stars like Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Cardi B and Jake Gyllenhaal argued that no-one needs to shower daily. Well...

9. Everything de-stressing. Use your smartphone for slow & smart things: Listen to history or philosophy podcasts or meditations. Check with bae beforehand how hyperactive you want your holiday to be (more or less).

10. Watch the kids (if there are any) grow. Do you know a book on this topic? The little ones are so happy on holiday that ‘they grow up so fast’' like grandma says. Use it to sort out some little problems to make life easier. Like " eat the carrot " or " Trivial Pursuit can be as exciting as your game "!

11. Lalaaa, just one handbag in my luggage but still so many styles and choices. You know what we mean…

12. Even when it’s just an all-inclusive lazy week: It's good to introduce yourself to local nature. A little hike to the citadel up there? Via the coastal path to the next village? Distinct memories make your brain think the holiday was even longer.

13. Writing postcards, souvenirs are sooo yesterday? Don't forget to get something for someone. We mean your home. It doesn't always have to be a fridge magnet. A scented candle, a cool fabric to glam up your armchair, something ceramic or a great cushion. Up to you Gorgeous, get some extra time!

ZOÉ LU wishes you a fabulous summer!