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Sure love - red red red!

Dear Diary, jis right to the date and no time to change - just quickly take off the blue-white shirt and the bright red short sweater to my new bordeaux carrot pants. Dthis new trend look is now one of my favorites. Red and Bordeaux get along well. Trust me. With my golden XXL creoles: to nibble on. I'll just have to stop by Mama's first. Dust the  Sure love at her place, zip on the Best buddy pocket body and then nothing like off to the wine bar.

In the subway I watch another wine tutorial on youtube. The queen of colour blocking must also know something about the other kind of Bordeaux. The varieties of red Bordeaux wines: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc...

...Mister Smart, I'm coming!!
Fledermaus Zoé Comic
Zoé keeps his fingers crossed ;)