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Monday Morning - Look of the day

WhatsApp to Rieke: "Mouse, that was a weekend! I'll tell you everything later... everything!"
Long chatting: the cucumber rescue pads on the eyes, my edges speak volumes. Sunglasses in your pocket!!

Best buddy comes today in Monday Morning mood with: discreet, casual, sovereign - my mantra of the week. Plus a simple black turtleneck, very important key piece this autumn, as seen on Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lawrence. On your way to the office, I need a latte...

Good resolutions - slook again at the list of tips for a cool start to the week:
- Clean up your desk on Fridays (made)
- To-do-List to avoid unnecessary stress (yes)
- It is absolutely necessary to install a highlight on day 1 of the working week (lunch with Rieke)

Fledermaus Zoé Comic
Zoés Tip:
Kickstart the week, Sparrow! Coffee to go again in a returnable cup. Meanwhile already with over 250 Cafés in completely Germany.