Glam'Wham - the big performance!

Packed for hell! Two XL travel bags - one filled to the brim with gifts. And sensational - only one (!) handbag: my ZOÉ LU of course! For the Family Christmas I take the Night out, for the party with Lena the Glam'Wham-Look. Juhu, two options for the glamour me in the home!


  • Mama say I'm bringing the tree ornaments this year. As a Christmas tree control freak she was always for straw stars and against tinsel.
  • Purchase glitter pigments for my New Year's Eve party at Duty Free. Mantra: GLOW! Can be applied with a brush prima on a base of neutral or smokey cream eye shadow and a fine black eye line. It is best to apply make-up higher than the crease of the eyelid.
  • Lena take a picture of the old photo album: Of course I'm not mad anymore that she snatched Paul away from me...

...And peace on earth. Merry Glamour Christmas to all ⭐️