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Day dreamer - Look of my Saturday

Inspiration of the day: letting the inner Frenchwoman live high in me. With my old studies-Buddys arranged in the French café for brunch. I twist my hair together in a done-not-done-bun, jump into my favourite boyfriend jeans and button up the cream-coloured cardigan à la pullover. I zipped the superchicen Day dreamer to my ZOÉ LU and off I go. On the way to brunch I dream of a weekend with Mr. Smart. So romantic.

The Parisians master the art of effortlessly being stylish in a truly fascinating way. Oh yes, and every book about French women also says that they can eat three courses twice a day and still be as slim as a baguette. So today I can actually order a croissant, a pistachio macaroon and a crêpe au sucre... or two macarons? Are they mini ;)
Fledermaus Zoé Comic
Zoé dreams...
...from the best croissants of Munich. By the way, these are available in the Boulangerie Dompierre.

PS: Here is something about the advantages of daydreaming. See also: The brain during daydreaming